Best CPU Cooler For i5-12600K (Gaming, RGB, AIO, Water) 2021

Best CPU Cooler For i5-12600K

The i5-12600K is a great processor! But if you are overclocking this CPU to the max, this will make your PC hotter and slower. Also, it can damage the other components inside the case. The best way to keep your computer running at optimal speeds and prevent overheating is by investing in an aftermarket CPU cooler. 

They help in cooling down the temperatures and prevent lag and slowdown, so take a look at this buying guide to get a better companion for your i5-12600K! The Intel i5-12600K is a powerful processor that has been manufactured by the company to increase computing speed and efficiency. 

The CPU cooler for this computer will help keep your device running smoothly even when it is at full capacity. If you are wondering what would be the best cooling solution, then continue reading below! If you have constructed a new PC with an Intel processor, chances are it’s blazing fast. 

You shouldn’t have any problems playing games or watching movies at high resolution – but if you want to do anything more than that (like overclock), you’re going to need a better cooling solution. If you’re looking for a CPU cooler that will keep your i5-12600K cool and quiet, then look no further than the suggestions given below. 

Its small size makes it great for HTPCs, or other small form factor builds where space is at a premium, but it still packs quite a punch when it comes to cooling performance. The fan has been designed with noise reduction in mind and creates minimum sound even when it’s spinning at full speed.

Expertly Tested Best CPU Cooler For i5-12600K

  1. Cooler Master i30 CPU Cooler Low Noise Cooling Fan
  2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition CPU Air Coolor
  3. Enermax ETS-F40 Addressable RGB CPU Air Cooler
  4. Cooler Master Hyper H410R CPU Cooler Compact Tower Cooler
  5. EVGA CLC 120mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler
  6. Silverstone AR12-TUF CPU Cooler Compatible with LGA1700
  7. Dynatron Q6 Alder Lake-S Socket LGA 1700 CPU Heatsink

1. Cooler Master i30 CPU Cooler Low Noise Cooling Fan

The Cooler Master I30 Mini Cooler fan is a cost-effective way to cool your processor and prevent overheating from damaging it. As the name suggests, the Mini is perfect for small cases as it has dimensions of 4.02 x 3.98 x 3.11 inches. 

This Cooler can be used as a backplate or as cooling on an installed motherboard to protect against dust and dirt that might be present in your computer case. It also provides flexibility when it comes to installation because you can move things around with this one unit without having to purchase extra parts separately. 

This cooler offers a noise level of 22 dBA ±3 and features sturdy construction with durable aluminum fins to help dissipate heat evenly from the PC case. Cooler Master i30 CPU Cooler is not just a simple cooler; it’s an adventurer.

Don’t let the size of the 92mm fan and 55mm heatsink fool you. This little guy delivers! With 28 dBA and 2600 RPM, unlike with some other brands, your PC is quieter and faster thanks to the combo of high-quality construction materials and functionality.  

Great for graphics cards as well with good airflow, there’s no surprise why every single one of our rigs at Cut Above Computers has one installed! This CPU cooler is a perfect partner for your new i5-12600K.

2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition CPU Air Coolor

Cooler Master has some serious cooling needs, and they’re ready to take on the heat. This new black edition cooler with an infrared reflective coating includes a Hyper 212 air fan, Silencio FP120 slim fan, and a smart fan sensor for jam protection. The four direct contact heat pipes will keep you cool like no other can, while 16 fins per inch allow maximum airflow without any pesky resistance slowing it down. 

When using this product is your number one concern, look no further than Cooler Master’s latest invention. The Hyper 212 is designed with your best interests in mind. Direct contact technology makes for easy heat dispersion, and the 42 CFM airflow allows the processor to cool efficiently. 

The noise level at 26 decibels is also significantly lower than comparable products on the market. Precision airflow ensures it will always be running smoothly, while smart fan sensors ensure no jamming or mucking up of components can occur ever again! 

There’s never any need to worry about snagged cables either; snap-and-play brackets make upgrading and removing fans quick and hassle-free. Also equipped with other socket types like LGA 2066 for Intel processors or AM4 for AMD processors. 

The 4 Heat Pipe with exclusive direct contact Technology keeps your system cool and silent even when overclocking. Keep your cables from getting snagged with the Stacked fin array that might keep them in place at all times without incident. 

This bad boy is compatible with Intel’s latest line of processors, so be sure to upgrade now before it becomes impossible later on down the road!

3. Enermax ETS-F40 Addressable RGB CPU Air Cooler

The Enermax EQ-240IR is an addressable RGB CPU cooler! The fluid dynamic bearing running silently over the large 140 mm fan provides advanced cooling performance, while 4 symmetrical heat pipes eliminate voltage droop and boost efficiency. Integrated IR header transmits a remote control signal to lighting components. 

Just plug in a 12V 3pin adaptor into the motherboard RGB Addressable Header or connect the PWM power cable for constant ACYCLIC phased lighting effect. This product has been tested on Intel LGA and AMD AM4 socket FM2+ socket only. 

Ever since the invention of PCs, we’ve been able to actively observe and change how they’re designed. With Enermax’s latest Evolve 4.0 thermal design, we wanted to equip our product with a sleek, attractive exterior so users of personal preferences can easily customize it! 

The result is an astounding 144-piece addressable RGB true vortex cooling system. Simply plug in your favorite color and layout through one of the four included cables for limitless lighting landscapes on your build, no matter what other component you might choose. 

This CPU cooler is a total package. With efficiency, creativity, and power all at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. This innovative CPU air cooler features an enlarged 140 mm heat sink fin design to provide a larger cooling surface area for outstanding heat dissipation. 

In addition, the open-flow design easily dissipates hot air generated from system components without clogging or slowing down. It has 14 addressable RGB LEDs controlled by synchronizing with Synchronize software, making it perfect for creating your personal lighting effect!

4. Cooler Master Hyper H410R CPU Cooler – Compact Tower Cooler

If you are looking for a cooler that can keep up with your ever-increasing gaming rig needs, the Hyper H410R is perfect for you. With four metal heat pipes and mounting brackets suitable for both Intel sockets as well as most AMD ones. 

It easily absorbs any extra power load from your processor/CPU to allow an unhindered flow of cool air across it to maintain its optimal operating temperature under pressure. The 92 mm fan has a quick snap fan bracket, so installation is easy with no tools required!

The product has an efficient design in order to transfer the most heat possible to your heatsink, in turn leading to optimum performance. Featuring 2 PWM fans with speed 600-2000 RPM that allows you to tweak settings depending on what’s happening; quiet when idle or silent when gaming knowing that it does not sacrifice its cooling function due to its slim 25mm height. 

This all-inclusive mounting solution has everything needed to install the product – no other parts are required unless of something else. The Hyper H410R is an affordable, compact, high performance air cooler that provides optimal cooling for small cases. 

With four heat pipes and Direct Contact technology, this exceeds its ancestor, the Hyper 103. In addition, the special fin design optimizes airflow toward heat pipes.

5. EVGA CLC 120mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler

Enjoy a full cooling solution with this plug-and-play design. An all-in-one Intel-compatible liquid cooler. The EVGA CLC 120 mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler comes complete with an intelligent wiring system making it sleek and professional-looking while protecting your PC from overheating. 

While protecting your processor, the copper base also provides maximum heat transfer to help release that last little bit of heat in such tight spaces. The remote-controlled anti-noise fan can be swapped out for other fans or upgraded by customizing the style and size of the pump you want for your system. No time to cool down? Order one today! 

With the CLC 120 mm cooler, you’ll never have to fill or maintain your cooling water system again. You can always keep things fresh and clean with an all-in-one cooler that has no wires and is easy to install. 

Enjoy maximum heat transfer from the copper base plate at a price point less than most air coolers! This Liquid Cooler is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get a great performance combined with low noise and amazing price. 

The liquid cooler offers incredible cooling performance, decreasing the temperature of your CPU dramatically. It has a quiet fan, which allows you to use it even in a library or at work without disturbing anyone around you. The long-life sleeve bearing fans will last longer than other traditional models, making this product an investment that can be used for years to come.

6. Silverstone AR12-TUF CPU Cooler Compatible with LGA1700

Silverstone AR12-TUF Advanced Technology CPU Cooler is a perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their current cooling system. It includes nine extraordinary bladed execution 120 mm PWM controlled fans, with exceptional stability of cooling and quietness. 

The heat pipe design allows the heat generated by your processor to be rapidly and effectively extracted from the body, therefore keeping it cool. Plus, it features one additional ARGB LED, which can be controlled by an ARGB controller or capable motherboard. 

This means that when the lights are ON, there’s more than enough light output to illuminate even the darkest home or office set up. Additionally, this cooler offers anti-vibration rubber pads included in it. 

All this makes this CPU cooler the best companion for your smart i5-12600K processor. Solve your cooling and noise problems with the Silverstone AR-TUF Advanced Copper Heat Pipe cooler. 

This fan’s impressive innovation consists of a patented design that utilizes four copper heat pipes and aluminum fins for excellent heat transferring efficiency. 

When cooling is your number-one priority, the Silverstone AR 12 CPU cooler offers an optimal balance of performance and silence. The chassis design incorporates six copper heat pipes in direct contact with the CPU to efficiently conduct the generated heat away from your processor, even when working under heavy loads or overclocking.

7. Dynatron Q6 Alder Lake-S Socket LGA 1700 CPU Heatsink

Dynatron’s Q6 heatsink offers a family of CPU coolers to support Intel processors. The unique mixture of aluminum and copper makes Dynatron’s CPU cooler, efficient and long-lasting. A pre-applied Shin-Etsu 7762 thermal paste allows for easy installation for your powerful new CPU; all you need is additional thermal grease if necessary. 

With PWM 92 mm low noise fan and heat pipes contacting the CPU performance, Dynatron’s Q6 is perfect for use in workstations or other high power consumption applications that require effective cooling with minimal noise while not taking up much space on the motherboard. 

The Dynatron Q6 CPU Heatsink and PWM Fan proudly support the Intel Alder Lake-S Socket LGA 1700. The aluminum fins are cut to provide great heat transfer with 4 x heat pipes for maximum cooling efficiency. 

The product also comes pre-applied with Shin-Etsu 7762 thermal grease, which is designed to quickly shed away residue or dust that may have accumulated on the CPU so you can easily wipe it clean. 

This low-profile fan is specifically designed for 3U and up workstations, as well as personal computers due to its 92 x 25 mm size suitable for Airflow management. The Dynatron Q6 is a CPU cooler that will take care of your Alder Lake-S chip while looking professional enough for the office. 

It’s smooth aesthetic combined with its black and silver color design makes this CPU cooler pretty sophisticated. One of our favorite features is its embedded heat pipes, which are slick because they draw air quickly over the surface to get cooling power where it’s needed fast.

Best CPU Cooler For i5-12600K Buying Guide:

If you are looking to get the most out of your new 12th gen Intel CPU, it can be tricky figuring out how to cool down your brand-new processor. The good news is that there are plenty of compatible heatsinks and fans on sale! 

In this article, we covered some popular ones above! Be sure to check them all out before making a decision or going through the hassle of returning something incompatible with your new chip. Read this buying guide further to get more basic know-how about a CPU cooler:

Liquid vs. Air Cooler:

An air-cooled PC uses the ambient air around it to push hot and moist out of your computer system, which works well when you’re not working too hard. But if things heat up a bit more than usual or run heavy-duty applications like gaming for an extended period of time, many people will turn toward liquid cooling. As this type is denser, that allows better acoustics by reducing fan speeds while still maintaining efficiency over all those little radiators!


While a bulky air cooler does offer one-location cooling, it can be limiting. AIO coolers have their downsides, too – for example, they often require space inside your system. Also, they may need careful orientation when installing water blocks or routing fluids through the unit’s channels. 

So you don’t produce unnecessary pressure in some areas without any assistance from other parts of your build! If smaller is better with regards to both size AND weight, consider an All In One design option if possible. This will help keep things compact while still allowing enough room around component installations such as GPUs/CPUs, which might otherwise share borders against neighboring components.

Noise Level:

Technicians have found that liquid cooling, especially when using an AIO product, is typically quieter than the fan on a CPU heatsink. This can vary because there are air coolers with sound-reducing features and settings for fans to reduce noise emissions even more. So, in general, though, they generate less sound as long as it’s insulated well enough from radiator blades running at slower RPMs (revolutions per minute).

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